May 3, 2023

Bootshaus Cologne has been paving the way in Germany’s underground clubbing scene for over 18 years. Situated in an old warehouse for boats, the club is a true eye-catcher and exemplifies electronic music in Cologne. The club is divided into three floors and an outdoor area and offers space for 1900 people on the shipyard ‘Deutz’. With great DJs such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Avicii, David Guetta, Klangkünstler, Paula Temple, Brennan Heart, Dr. Peacock, Subtronics and Vini Vici in their portfolio, visiting Bootshaus can’t be missed on any clubber's bucket list. 

In 2022, Bootshaus was voted the best club in Germany and the fifth-best club in the world by the renowned British magazine ‘DJmag’ for the second time in a row, which is no surprise when you get familiar with their breathtaking and unique live sets. Every month, they provide loyal fans and new friends with top-notch, international acts with recognized underground artists. Out of these events that made huge waves in the clubbing world, two festivals with the same name were created, Nibirii Festival with 20k visitors and Blacklist Festival with 8k visitors (both SecureSwap enabled), pushing the boundaries of clubbing and changing the scenery from the old warehouse. 

Bootshaus  even has its own app where fans can find exclusive mixes, the latest events, and facts about their favorite artists. By creating their profile, they can earn points every time they purchase a ticket through the app. 

With more than 150,000 attendees, it is no surprise that Bootshaus needed a partner to help them with pain points such as fraud in resale, fake tickets, and over-the-top resale prices. This is where TicketSwap came in. With TicketSwap’s ‘Secure Swap’ integration, Bootshaus  has fought off online scammers, providing their fans an increased sense of security and peace of mind.

"Our SecureSwap integration with makes it 100% safe to exchange tickets from fan to fan, as we equip every swapped ticket with a brand-new barcode, whereas the original code gets deactivated. Furthermore, we reduced support contacts, as we took over all customer support questions regarding resale."

Christoph Radjeh

Senior Partnerships Manager TicketSwap DACH

Senior Partnerships Manager TicketSwap DACH

Through SecureSwap technology, TicketSwap checks the validity of the barcode, invalidates that barcode and generates a brand new ticket with the new personal details of the fan. This process guarantees that a buyer can get in to the show. Because Bootshaus communicated to its fans that TicketSwap is the only place to resell tickets, they eliminated all past troubles at the door.

Benefits of partnering up with TicketSwap for Bootshaus:


TicketSwap is integrated with; the ticket provider of Bootshaus Group


This Secure Swap integration with prevents users from being scammed


The 20% price cap of TicketSwap keeps things fair for the fans of Bootshaus


The agile workflows and seamless communication with the TicketSwap team

"We are very pleased about the partnership with TicketSwap. We offer our guests a platform enabling easy and safe ticket resale. The complete integration with our ticket system puts a stop to fraudsters. This cooperation is another important step to expand our customer service."

Tom V. Thomas

CEO, Bootshaus

CEO, Bootshaus

When you go to Bootshaus parties, you know you are up for an unforgettable night with the best of hardstyle, dubstep, and techno that will get your blood pumping.

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