Cercle Festival

May 3, 2023

The 2022 Award-Winning Festival Cercle is France’s Best Electro Festival and with good reason. With 24,000 fans spread over two days, three stages, and thirty artists, in the most incredible locations in the world this festival creates unforgettable memories for electro music fans around the world!

Cercle is known to produce unique experiences by organizing, filming, and broadcasting concerts in carefully selected locations worldwide. Think of Plaza de España, Ariane, A380, and Concorde stages or Cinecittà’s Ancient Rome film set. Their primary goal is to showcase cultural heritage sites and landmarks through the prism of electronic music and video. Each show is different, and the live events happen every Monday when Cercle invites an incredible artist to a fantastic venue for a 1 hour live or DJ set performance broadcasted live on their Facebook page.

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