One Out Festival

Apr 25, 2023

Since 2021, Surrey’s leading dance festival is a proud partner of TicketSwap! 

Created by festival lovers, for festival lovers, Freddie, Holly & Josh started One Out Festival for admirers of the dance scene. House, Disco, and Drum and Bass are well represented at this festival, with a varied line-up carefully curated by the festival owners. 

The festival was brought to life in 2019 after months of hard work finding the perfect site and building their brand, but then Covid-19 hit. Despite this hard blow, the three partners successfully managed to power through. In September 2021, 5000 visitors were scattered among four big stages on 85 acres of countryside, enjoying the Surrey sunshine and the fine tunes One Out Festival offers.

“We have partnered One Out with Ticketswap because festivals need a dedicated resale platform, other platforms do offer this, but in our opinion, it does not give our customers the same opportunity as TicketSwap.”

Freddie Macgregor

Director, One Out Festival

Director, One Out Festival

Fast forward to today, One Out Festival is an established festival and bigger than ever. With a capacity of 10,000 visitors, ticket management is a serious business. One Out Festival decided to partner up with TicketSwap for several reasons. Roughly six in ten Londoners (59 percent) have either fallen prey to ticketing fraud or know someone who has, according to TicketSwap’s survey. Beyond the UK capital, scams have also impacted 47.7 percent of people from their home counties, many of whom likely journey into London to attend the biggest gigs.

The festival does not offer refunds for the tickets sold. By partnering up with TicketSwap as their official ticket resale solution, fans can now sell their tickets, if needed, in a trusted and secure way in case they can’t attend.

Another reason why One Out Festival partnered with TicketSwap was the need to access more data about their event and to understand how many of their fans are selling their tickets and when they tend to do so.

Benefits of partnering up with TicketSwap for One Out Festival:


Relieving the stress of administering refund requests


Exposure to TicketSwap’s +10 million users


TicketSwap’s marketing offerings via digital ads, as well as the explore feed in the TicketSwap mobile app and website


Reselling tickets is regulated in a fair and secure way instead of uncontrolled like with social media

“We're super excited to be working with One Out Festival! We love supporting new and emerging festivals, and what's better than a festival created by die-hard ravers?! This festival is built from passion, and we at TicketSwap love to see it.”

Imogen Battersby

Account Manager UK partnerships TicketSwap

Account Manager UK partnerships TicketSwap

One Out Festival provides their visitors with a variety of tickets like a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd release ticket, student tickets, and a VIP option where visitors can skip the queue and start their festival experience in a royal way, including access to a luxury chill out area, private bar, and luxurious toilets. The festival is also designed to be inclusive. All around the site, you can find accessible toilet facilities, and the bars offer disability-accessible points. Even guide dogs and hearing dogs are permitted.

This year we're hoping to bring more visibility to the event through digital marketing campaigns and the TicketSwap explore feed of course. 

Situated just 35 minutes from Waterloo station, One Out Festival is a great way to escape city life and enjoy the mesmerizing countryside while grooving to new and old tunes.