Decibel Open Air

Mar 3, 2023

The electronic music festival ‘Decibel Open Air’ is held in the gorgeous historic city of Florence, Italy. This spectacular two-day dance festival is organized in the open-air Visarno Arena outside the city. The gigantic outdoor space has a capacity for about fifty thousand fans and is sure to entertain even the most experienced festival-goers, turning the famous Arena into one of Europe’s biggest dance parties. Scattered over three stages, the biggest players of techno and electronic music turn this historic venue into a festival you’ll never forget.

"Decibel Open Air has established itself as one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Italy and Europe. We're happy to work with them offering music fans from Italy and abroad a simple, safe, and fair way to resell their tickets" Rebecca Gasbarro, Partnerships Manager Italy

Eight to twelve months prior to the festival, the ticket sale starts, and the entire line-up is announced. With a history of epic artists such as The Chemical Brothers, Armin van Buuren, and Carl Cox, the festival fans grab their tickets as early as possible. Unfortunately, because the tickets are bought at such an early stage, fans are not always able to make it to the festival due to personal plans changing over time. To create the best user experience for fans, Decibel has partnered with TicketSwap; fans can now buy and sell their tickets easily through their TicketSwap app, ensuring that all tickets find their new excited owners.

"It is important for us to rely on a partner who offers a safe and user-friendly service for our local and international audience." - Daniele Ferrazzano, Founder and Art Director, Decibel Open Air

Because the festival attracts a great international crowd, TicketSwap helped the festival by offering support in 12 languages before, during, and after the festival. Additionally, TicketSwap made sure a contact person was on-site during the event at all times, which was one of Decibel’s favorite benefits of their partnership with TicketSwap. 

“The fast and complete support for any assistance request has brought us significant peace of mind in the period leading up to the festival date.”

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"It is important for us to rely on a partner who offers a safe and user-friendly service for our local and international audience."

Daniele Ferrazzano

Founder, Decibel Open Air

Founder, Decibel Open Air

Benefits of partnering up with TicketSwap for Decibel Open Air:


Easy way of selling and buying secondary tickets for fans


On-site support during the festival


Support in 12 languages before and after the festival


Fast and complete support for any kind of assistance request.